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Get E-mail status updates when your forklift is in the shop.

To our knowledge, the LTS My Truck Status program is the first forklift service and repair status update program in Texas.  And, it’s designed to keep customers up to date on their equipments repair status in order to make better rental and production decisions for their facility.  Additionally, it adds an extra layer of accountability on the LTS service and parts team to expedite your repair quickly and efficiently.

So, how does it work?

Step 1:
As soon as your forklift arrives at our shop we snap a photo of it, assign a technician, and send you an email alerting you we’ve received the equipment.

Forklift Service / Repair Update

Step 2:
After we’ve diagnosed the problem you’ll receive photos of the damaged part(s) along with a downloadable estimate to complete repairs.

Forklift Service / Repair Update

Step 3:
Once the estimate is approved we’ll send you an update on any part(s) that needed to be ordered as well as an expected completion date.

Forklift Service / Repair Update

Step 4:
The final status email is sent when transportation for your repaired forklift is scheduled to be delivered to your facility

Forklift Service / Repair Update

Step 5:
Lastly but perhaps most important, you’ll get a thank you email from us.  Your business, and ultimately your success is important to us and we are so very thankful that you trust us to be your forklift service partner.

Forklift Service / Repair Update


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