Automation & The Human Element

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Lift & Tilt Podcast – Episode 001 :  Automation & The Human Element
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Date: 1/1/20

Host: Robert Dennard & Kurt Guntner

Overview: Robert and Kurt discuss the ethical concerns regarding automation raised in the Vox article – Robots Aren’t Taking Warehouse Employees’ Jobs, They’re MakingTheir Work Harder.  With input from automation experts from Stocked Robotics, Plaskolite, and Toyota Material Handling our hosts attempt to look at the issues from all perspectives –  offering warehouse operators and manufacturers key take-aways on how to avoid common operation/labor/public relations pitfalls when implementing automation equipment. 

Source Articles:
VOX | Robots Aren’t Taking Warehouse Employees’ Jobs, They’re Making Their Work Harder

Fast Company | At Toyota, The Automation is Human Powered

The Brew & Tasting Notes:

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Original Gravity: 1.067 (17.0° Plato)
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