Pallet Jack A-Z Guide

Pallet Jacks are the heart and soul of many of our warehouses and business. Without our pallet jacks, we could only get half the work done in double the time with triple the worker fatigue.  Pallet Jacks, also known as Pallet Trucks, Walkies, Hand Trucks, or HPTs (hand pallet trucks), are a growing in popularity as the push for […]

Toyota Electric Pallet Jacks and Walkie Stacker Ergonomics

Announcer: Toyota, best known as a leading automotive and forklift manufacturer, also manufactures a full line of pallet jacks and stacking equipment. When you are low level order picking, low level stacking, loading or unloading trucks and maneuvering product across the warehouse, Toyota’s pallet jacks are the perfect solution. Toyota’s pallet jacks are easy to […]

Pallet Jack Purchasing Guide

What To Look For When Buying Your Pallet Jack Deciding which pallet jack to purchase can come with many factors to compare before making a final decision. Today we will walk through five important factors that go into making a successful pallet jack purchase. 1) Length You don’t want to purchase a pallet jack that […]

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