Drone Forklifts?

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Lift & Tilt Podcast – Episode 024 : Drone Forklifts?
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Date: 5/5/21

Host: Kurt Guntner

Overview: Kurt discusses new remote forklift driving software and it’s possible implications for material handling related businesses while drinking a beer-a-rita. Check out the latest episode from Lift & Tilt.

Remotely Operated Forklifts?

Global logistics provider GEODIS recently partnered with Phantom Auto to develop a forklift truck that can be controlled from a distance. This innovative program is aimed at improving comfort and safety while also creating job opportunities for people with physical disabilities and others that are historically underrepresented in the logistics industry.

With remote operation software technology, digital drivers can remotely monitor multiple forklifts at once, and when intervention is needed, they can assist, either by giving a command, a human command to the forklift, drawing a path, or even remotely drive the forklift.

Industry Week | Digitally Transforming Forklifts

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