Adding a fleet management program to your forklift fleet and industrial equipment will give you valuable information to improve productivity and safety while lowering your overall operating costs.


T-Matics MOBILE is a cellular-based forklift management system and is great for forklifts that are not locked to a single location. T-Matics MOBILE features a plug andplayinstall with no IT involvement, factory and aftermarket installation option, electronic hour meter collection, fault code reporting and fleet utilization.


T-Matics COMMAND is Toyota Forklift’s robust forklift management system. Gain visibility to key performance indicators from your forklift fleet, including, utilization, impact management, and operator logins.

Announcer: Having a warehouse full of forklifts means a lot of responsibility. After all, someone has to keep track of where the forklifts are, who is using them, how they’re being used, and whether or not the forklifts are being properly maintained. It can be a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be. Toyota’s robust forklift management system T-Matics COMMAND works to eliminate the burden of managing forklifts, so you can focus on the most important thing, your business.

Who is using your forklifts? With T-Matics COMMAND, you can stop the unauthorized use of forklifts by those not trained or licensed, or who should not operate them. That’s because forklifts with T-Matics COMMAND only operate with a swipe of a tamper-free badge. No forklift using T-Matics COMMAND can ever be used without permission.

Want to make required forklift inspections and recordkeeping fast and easy? T-Matics COMMANDmakes sure they’re done and removes the recordkeeping burden. Use T-Matics COMMAND to leverage daily electronic vehicle safety checklists, make paper checklists a thing of the past, improve overall safety practices and operator responsibility with regular forklift inspections, and simplify the mandated storage of daily checklists. Should T-Matics COMMAND sense a safety issue during a check, the forklift is rendered inoperable until the issue is addressed.

Are you maintaining your fleet like you should? Never miss planned maintenance with T-Matics COMMAND. The convenient preventative maintenance function provides a complete checklist and ongoing scheduling.

What are your operators doing? T-Matics COMMAND provides granular views and tracking of time and motion to help maximize productivity. Then there are impacts. T-Matics COMMAND tracks forklift impacts. The dynamic impact sensor automatically calibrates to your specific application to eliminate false alarms.

When you implement T-Matics COMMAND, you’ll have a level of insight you’ve never had before. Know your operators and forklifts make important informed decisions, positively affect your bottom line and overall up-time. Visit, or talk to your local forklift dealer about how you can implement T-Matics COMMAND to increase your productivity and profitability.

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