Hangcha XF Box Car Special Forklift

Hangcha Box Car Special Forklift

The Hangcha Box Car Special Forklift was designed with a vertical counterweight to meet tight spaced, railroad car applications. The Box Car Special is also versatile enough to meet the demands of typical large capacity cushion forklifts or become a paper roll special by changing the mast to a paper roll clamp.

  • 12,500 lb Load Capacity
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Valve Group
  • High-Low Overhead Guard
  • Sideshift and Fork Positioner
  • Specialty Forks
  • LED Rear Work Light
  • Smooth Non-Marking Cushion Tires
  • Radiator Screen
  • Counterweight Grill

The Hangcha XF Series Box Car Special Forklift includes the latest advancements from Hangcha. These advancements include LED efficient lighting, a load-sensing hydraulic system, low-emission engine, noise/vibration control, and a new control system.


OKAMURA Transmission – the world-renown OKAMURA transmission, with the Power Take-Off (PTO) feature, is used in our Box Car
Special forklift. This transmission was chosen as apart of our forklift’s design for its reliability. The gear pump is also extremely efficient.

New Integrated Fuse Box – the next generation of integrated fuse box has been added to the truck. It offers a better layout, ease of service and maintenance, and is waterproof. The entire truck is equipped with waterproof connectors to increase the electronics’ reliability.

Reliable Hydraulic System – the hydraulic system has a longer service life and an increase in efficiency thanks to the optimized hydraulic breather structure with a built-in return oil filter and the load-sensing hydraulic steering system.

Optimized Cooling System – the cooling system has been designed to maximize cooling and increase the reliability of the engine when
working under heavy loads. This system uses an aluminum radiator, an independent oil cooler, an optimized heat transfer channel, and a dual-hole
counterweight to increase cooling efficiency.

Steering Axle – the steering axle uses large conical bearings on the master pin, buffer blocks, and a large-diameter steering cylinder to substantially increase the reliability and service life of the steering system. 


High-Strength Overhead Guard – the overhead guard is fabricated with specially shaped steel tubes to increase its structural rigidity and strength. It is also designed to be easily disassembled and reassembled for repairs. The guard features a flexible connection between it and the chassis to decrease vibrations.  All of these features are responsible for increased operator safety and comfort.

Maintenance Hatch with a Saftey Latch – the maintenance hatch opens wide enough to provide easy serviceability of key components. The safety latch prevents the hatch from compromising operator safety when using the truck.

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