Hangcha Light Duty Walkie Pallet Truck

Hangcha Electric Lithium-ion Light Duty Walkie Pallet Jack

The A Series Lithium-ion Mini Duty Walkie Pallet Truck uses stamped steel plates and injection molded parts. This creates a robust and durable product that is able to successfully take on the wear and tear of a warehouse environment.

  • 4,000 lb. Capacity
  • Electronic Lifting Limit Switch
  • Multi-Function Meter
  • Single Load Wheels
  • Pin Code Lock
  • High-Performance Lithium Battery
  • External Charger
  • Non-Contact Interlock Switch
  • Emergency Power Off Switch

The Hangcha A Series Lithium-ion Light Duty Walkie Pallet Truck is compact, lightweight, has a flexible design, and is easy to operate. It’s designed to operate efficiently in narrow aisles environments like a container. The innovative structural design prevents the harness and electrical parts from moving together with the lifting parts of the pallet jack. This increases the reliability of the pallet truck.


1. When not in use for a certain period of time, the truck will automatically hibernate automatically to protect the battery and prolong the pallet jacks’ operational time.
2. The low-noise, low-vibration, and high-performance hydraulic power unit enables stable and reliable lifting and lowering of goods.
3. The electronic lifting limit switch is used to avoid overflow from the hydraulic power unit. This saves energy and protects the motor. The switch is highly reliable and has a long service life.
4. The interlock switch is a non-contact proximity switch with high reliability.


1. The newly-developed control joystick is reliable, stylish, and compact. All of the operational inputs can be completed with one hand.
2. The code lock prevents unauthorized personnel from using the equipment.
3. The pallet jack is easy to steer thanks to its low steering resistance.
4. With a high-end cell and multiple safety protection systems, the high-performance lithium battery has a long service life, is maintenance-free, safe, reliable, and can be charged quickly and replaced easily.
5. Thanks to the compact, lightweight, and flexible design, the pallet jack easy to operate. It is also designed to operate efficiently in narrow aisles environments like a container thanks to its upright walking function.
6. With only a 3.15” fork clearance, it is designed to fit a variety of pallets.

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