Hangcha Electric Lithium-ion Pantograph Reach Truck

Hangcha Electric Lithium-ion Pantograph Reach Truck

The X Series Electric Lithium-ion Pantograph Reach Truck features a high lift, large load capacity, pantograph, and small turning radius. 

  • 4,500 lb. Capacity
  • Large LCD Display
  • Ergonomic Control Handle
  • Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Valve
  • 198″ Full Free-Lift Stage 3 Mast
  • Soft Landing System
  • AC Motor and Controller
  • Headlights and Stobe Light
  • Electric Parking Brake

The Hangcha X Series Electric Lithium-ion Pantograph Reach Truck features a high lift, large load capacity, pantograph, and a small turning radius. The battery placed at the bottom of the chassis to create a low center of gravity. The four-pivot structure provides stability when the truck is being used to perform a high lift. 


1. The truck can operate in narrow aisles as little as 103.2″ wide thanks to its small turning radius. It also has a maximum lift height of
2. Both a high-power pump motor and a silent gear pump (CONCENTRIC) are used to improve the lifting speed, lowering speed, and operating
3. With several power modes, the truck is able to adapt to different operating conditions.
4. The regenerative braking system provides an increase in the truck’s operating time.


1. The four-pivot structure, low center of gravity, and high strength of the main frame components are designed to withstand the maximum load capacity of the reach truck.
2. The controller, connectors, battery plug, and cut-off switch are all parts from industry known suppliers to ensure reliability, performance, and ease of service.
3. The ZF transmission, SCHABMULLER drive motor, and the efficient AC power system greatly improve the reliability and service life of the narrow aisle reach truck.
4. The controller manipulates the truck’s steering angle, lifting height, and traveling speed in unison to provide safer operations.
5. The multi-function control handle’s unique shape and angled design helps to minimize hand movement and muscle fatigue.
6. With the pedal sensing system, the truck can be driven only if the driver stands on the pedal. If the operator takes their foot off the pedal, active braking is initiated to prevent an accident.
7. The Full Free Lift 3 Stage Mast provides great visibility for the operator and improves operations safety.


1. The control handle and backrest can be adjusted according to the operator’s optimal driving position.
2. The operator is able to get on and off the truck more comfortably thanks to the low step-on height of the reach truck’s operator compartment.
3. The lifting system is optimized for the operator to have an excellent line of sight through the mast.
4. The handle, backrest, instruments, and switches were designed with ergonomics in mind to make operations more comfortable and flexible.
5. The lateral removal of the battery provides easier maintenance and allows for the battery to be swapped out when running in continuous operating conditions.

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