Hangcha Lithium-ion Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Hangcha Electric Lithium-ion Pneumatic Forklift 11,000 lbs

The XC Series Lithium-ion Electric Pneumatic Forklifts are designed around the battery and offer a stable, high power, reliable, and maintenance-free alternative to the traditional core IC forklifts.

  • 11,000 lb. Capacity
  • IPX4 Water Resistance Rating
  • Grammer Fingertip Control System
  • Quick Charge <2.0h
  • IP67 Protection Rating
  • LED Combination Headlight and Taillights
  • Load Sensing Steering System
  • Turning Deceleration Function
  • High-Power AC Drive and Pump Motors

The Hangcha XC Series Lithium-ion Electric Pneumatic Forklift is designed to have an operating space more than 50% larger than a traditional electric forklift. The 4” color LCD instrument panel in the driver’s cab is positioned overhead and can be seen when the driver lifts their head. This also
allows for easy access to the function buttons. The ergonomically designed tilt-adjustable small-diameter steering wheel combined with a seat with 8.3“ of adjust-ability allows the operator to find their optimal driving position. This allows the operator to be more productive.


1. The rear axle connects to the newly designed chassis via a floating suspension system. The floating suspension system, combined with the
MOSFET controller automatically decelerating while turning, improves stability and operator comfort. 

2. The MOSFET integrated control system ensures smooth and accurate driving and lifting control. It also provides excellent speed regulation, regenerative braking, reverse braking, and anti-sliding on-ramps. The MOSFET integrated control system adds to the safety and reliability of the XC series forklifts.

3. The high-power AC traction motor bolts to the chassis via a bridge-type structure for increased stability.

4. The controller, connectors, battery plug, and emergency switch are all parts from industry-known suppliers to ensure reliability, performance, and ease of service.


1. The hood and side plates fully seal to protect all of the forklift’s major components, including the electrically controlled components, motors, electrical components, etc., from dust and water.

2. Although the drive motor is low to the ground to help with the forklift’s center of gravity, it still is waterproof. This substantially increases the forklift’s reliability.

3. The battery packs can be easily removed by a manual or electric pallet jack.


1. Lithium-ion technology (Lithium Iron-Phosphate), was developed jointly by HANGCHA and CATL for use in material handling equipment applications. These innovative and reliable battery cells and modules are manufactured to the highest standard by CATL exclusively for HANGCHA’s forklift line.

2. Rapid and opportunity charging ensures continuous availability of the material handling equipment.

3. Lightweight design, highly efficient, maintenance-free, and a long service life are all benefits of the XC series.

4. The newly designed chassis has a low center of gravity allowing the operator to feel stable while turning the forklift thanks to being designed around the lithium-ion technology.

5. The Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation. HANGCHA provides the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs with up to a 10 year or 20,000 hour warranty.

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