Hangcha Electric Stock Picker

The Hangcha Electric Stock Picker has a comprehensive safety protection system, excellent ergonomics, and an advanced control system.
  • 1,000lb Lifting Capacity
  • Brushless AC Traction Motor
  • Advanced CURTIS Control System
  • High-Strength Steel Frame
  • Battery side roll out and built-in charger
  • Guardrails Equipped with Detection Switches
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Foldable Rear Load Tray
  • CURTIS Multi-Function Instrument Display

The Hangcha A-Series Electric Stock Picker is reliable, comfortable, and safe. It is the perfect choice for increasing productivity in small load order fulfilling environments such as retail and manufacturing applications.


  • The brushless AC motor is maintenance-free. This saves the end-user time and money.
  • The integrated display shows remaining power, advanced diagnostics, and timing for convenience when operating and maintaining the stock picker.
  • The rear hood can be easily removed. This is convenient for the maintenance of the hydraulic unit, electric control, motor, and other parts.


  • The vehicle’s frame is robust and reliable thanks to its high-strength steel frame structure.
  •  All of the stock picker’s wires and cables are protected. This greatly improves the reliability of the electrical system.
  • Switches, connectors, instruments, and other key parts are all high-quality products with excellent performance and quality. This saves the end-user time and money.

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