Hangcha Tow Tractor

Hangcha Electric Tow Tractor

The Hangcha Electric Tow Tractor features AC drive control technology. This technology provides the tractor with excellent performance, safe and reliable operation, and low maintenance costs.  

  • 4,500|9,000|10,000 lb Towing Capacity
  • AC Drive Motor
  • AC Curtis Controller
  • Front & Rear Axle Suspension
  • Multi-Functional Instrument Display
  • Battery Side Extraction
  • Electric Power Steering System
  •  Standard USB Charging Port & Cell Phone Slot
  •  Highly Efficient LED Headlights

The Hangcha A Series Electric Stand-Up Tow Tractor is safe, reliable, and can be easily operated. The Stand-Up Tow Tractor is an ideal tool for moving materials throughout a workshop, warehouse, or manufacturing facility. 


  • The electric power steering system helps operators to easily maneuver the tiller tractor.
  • The maintenance-free, high-power, brushless AC traction motor has excellent acceleration, performance, good climbing ability, and low heat generation.
  • The CURTIS control system provides accurate, stable, and more efficient control of the AC traction motor.
  • The CANBUS structure makes the communication between the different parts of the truck faster and more reliable.
  • The tow tractor uses the regenerative braking system to prevent it from sliding down a ramp.
  • The switches, controller, connectors, and battery plug are all parts from industry-known suppliers to ensure reliability, performance, and ease of service.


  • The larger operating compartment, double pedal cushion, and ergonomic backrest provide a comfortable workspace for the user.
  • Thanks to the tiller’s design, all operations can be completed with one hand.
  • When in turtle mode, the truck can be driven slow easily, and more accurately.
  • The tow tractor is designed to provide excellent visibility while it is being operated.
  • The operator is able to get on and off the tow tractor with ease thanks to how the operator platform is designed.

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