Hangcha Big Pneumatic Forklift

Hangcha IC Big Pneumatic Forklift

The Hangcha IC Big Pneumatic Forklift has an optimized transmission design, increasing the maximum driving speed by 20%. The new efficient lighting system uses LEDs and a new type of reflector to reduce energy consumption.

  • 15,500 lb Load Capacity
  • Brake and Steering Hydraulic Systems are Separated
  • Efficient Air Pre-Cleaner
  • Large Aluminum Radiator
  • Dynamic Load Sensing Hydraulic Steering System
  • Full Suspension Seat
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPS)
  • Front & Rear Working Lights
  • Interactive Instrument Display

The Hangcha XF Series IC Big Pneumatic Forklift’s comfort and ease of operation were carefully considered. The engineers decreased vibration levels by using a compound engine damper and full floating seat and cabin. The forklift was made more comfortable because a comfortable operator leads to increased operational productivity.


  • While developing the XF Series, comfort and ease of operation were carefully considered. The engineers decreased vibration levels by using a compound engine damper and full-floating seat and cabin. The forklift was made more comfortable because a comfortable operator leads to increased operational productivity.
  • The foot space is now 30% wider to significantly reduce operator fatigue. The new wide, non-slip step makes getting in and out of the forklift safe and easy.
  • The easy-to-operate levers provide total load handling operation. The armrest is provided to reduce fatigue. The optional electro-hydraulic proportional control system gives the forklift the ability to make load handling more sensitive and precise.
  • In addition to the soft-landing system, the soft lifting system is adopted (front lifting cylinders of the full free lift 2 & 3 stage masts). As a result, the noise and shock of the mast significantly decrease when lowering materials.
  • The mast was redesigned to provide broad forward visibility. This was done by increasing the distance between the inside of the mast by 2.34″.


  • By focusing on enhancing reliability and reducing downtime, the XF Series is able to increase productivity for the end-users.
  • The new stamped air cleaner featuring tangential intake, double seal with safety filter is durable, corrosion-free, and vibration-resistant provides better filter efficiency and lower intake resistance than the previous.
  • The brake and steering hydraulic systems are separated to prevent interference between eachother. By using the dynamic load sensing steering system, the forklift is easier to operate and more energy efficient.

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