Hungcha IC Pneumatic Forklift

Hangcha IC Pneumatic Forklift

The Hangcha IC Pneumatic Forklift benefits from the latest in efficiency, comfort, and safety technology to make it an extremely reliable forklift.

  • 7,000 lb Load Capacity
  • Environmentally Friendly Engines
  • New Aluminum Alloy Transmission
  • LPG Swing Out Metal Bracket
  • Various Optional Attachments
  • Full Suspension Seat
  • Rear Reverse Grip with Horn
  • Front & Rear Working Light
  • Interactive Instrument Display

The Hangcha XF Series IC Pneumatic Forklift gives optimal visibility in all directions to create the best conditions for relaxed and safe working. By focusing on enhancing reliability and reducing downtime, the XF Series is able to increase productivity for the end-user.   


In developing the XF Series, comfort and ease of operation were carefully considered. For example, vibration levels were improved by adding compound
engine dampers and full-floating powertrain mounts. The rubber damper between the frame and the steering axle, the compound engine damper, and the full floating powertrain achieve a flexible connection between the frame and the driving system. As a result, vibrations are significantly reduced to increase operator comfort. The increased capacity exhaust muffler, intake, and noise shield technology significantly lower the forklift’s noise levels for the
operator. Comfortable operating environments for operators contribute to increased productivity.

Easy-to-See Display

The new relocated, easy-to-see LCD instrument display lets the operator check on all aspects of operational status with a glance. The instrument
display consists of a 4″ color LCD screen, four interactive buttons, and one CAN bus communication function. The communication protocol is compatible with CANopen and SAE J1939 standards.

Ergonomic Operator Compartment

  • The new automobile-style light/turn-signal stalk and the forward-reverse lever are ergonomically designed and arranged to improve comfort and
  • The small-diameter steering wheel, with tilt adjustment, provides an optimal driving position for the operator. The superior responsiveness of the steering wheel optimizes maneuverability even in narrow spaces.
  • The parking brake was developed to reduce the operational force by 30%.
  • The automobile-style suspended pedals provide a more ergonomic, operator-centered experience.
  • Optimal visibility in all directions creates the best conditions for relaxed and safe operation. The front lifting cylinders were redesigned with a smaller
    outer diameter to give the operator superior forward visibility. The double lifting cylinders also provide better forward visibility.
  • The foot space is now 90% wider to significantly reduce operator fatigue. The new wide, non-slip step makes getting in and out of the forklift safe and
  • The easy-to-operate levers provide total load handling operation. The armrest is provided to reduce fatigue. The optional electro-hydraulic
    proportional control system gives the forklift the ability to make load handling more sensitive and precise.


By focusing on enhancing reliability and reducing downtime, the XF series is able to increase productivity for its end-users.

Full-Floating Transmission

The new, full-floating, aluminum alloy transmission features excellent heat dissipation and thicker discs to meet the most demanding applications.


The new controller is integrated into all of the electrical components. It also features excellent durability in harsh temperatures, water, and vibrations. This promotes reliability in the most demanding operations.

Stamped Air Cleaner

The new stamped air cleaner features a tangential intake, double seal, and a safety filter. The air cleaner is durable, corrosion-free, and vibration-resistant. It also provides better filter efficiency and lowers intake resistance.

Rugged Design

XF series features a rugged design, stamped frame, and an engine hood. The stamped instrument panel, overhead guard, and heavy profile rail mast combine to provide excellent structural rigidity to ensure outstanding reliability and stability in heavy-duty conditions.

Optimized Cooling System

The forklifts are equipped with large capacity aluminum radiators. These radiators have optimized heat dissipation channels to enhance cooling capabilities. This keeps the engine running reliably in heavy-duty applications.

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