Hangcha 4-Wheel Drive Rough Terrain 5-7,000K

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$57,500|64 mo Lease|$899.94 per month

Hangcha Rough Terrain Forklift 5-7K

The Hangcha Rough Terrain Forklift features a full-floating hydraulic transmission and the 4WD functionality work together to provide a higher running speed and stronger gradeability. 

  • 7,000 lb Load Capacity
  • Oscillating Steer Axle
  • Waterproof Fuse Box
  • LCD Instrument Display
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPS)
  • Electronic Locking Differential
  • 4-Wheel Drive System
  •  Boot Cover for Tilt Cylinder
  •  Wide Load Backrest

The Hangcha Rough Terrain Forklifts are a group of tough, compact forklifts with a four-wheel drive system. Powered by the Kubota engine, these forklifts provide both the power and maneuverability to traverse through the toughest of terrain. This is the reason they are world-renowned for their superior performance, economy, and longevity. 


  • The hydraulic transmission can shift between its three forward gears using the shifter stalk on the steering wheel column to reach a top speed of 16.2 miles per hour.
  • The new dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system improves hydraulic efficiency and reliability.
  • The new efficient lighting system uses LED’s and a new type of reflector to reduce energy
    consumption. This significantly improves illumination performance while also prolonging
    operation time.


  • When developing the rough terrain forklift, comfort and ease of operation were taken into account. For example, the amount of vibration that the operator felt was decreased thanks to compound engine dampers and a full floating seat. We understand that operator comfort leads to an increase in productivity and have designed our rough terrain forklifts based on this.
  • The rubber damper between the frame and the steering axle, the compound engine damper, and the full floating powertrain achieves a flexible connection between the frame and the driving system. As a result, vibrations are significantly reduced to increase operator comfort.
  • Extra foot space is provided to significantly reduce operator fatigue. The non-slip step makes getting in and out of the forklift easy and safe. A newly designed steering wheel, new brake system, and easy-to-operate levers provide the operator with a comfortable operating experience.
  • The overhead guard is optimized to provide great rear visibility when traveling in reverse.
  • The newly designed mast provides broad forward visibility due to the longer distance between the inside of the mast.

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