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The MX Series is the largest forklift of the Mariotti line. While still maintaining the compactness of the Mariotti product, the MX is the ‘Muscle’ of the group and is equipped with at 48V power supply and capacities of up to 3,000 lbs.

Model Capacity* Drive Lift Height Voltage
MX 16 3,000 lbs. RWD Up to 243″ 48V
MX 16 Turret 3,000 lbs. RWD Up to 243″ 48V

Max speeds/gradeability spec’d at full-load. *Based on 24″ load center.





As with the MYCROS and ME Series, the new MX Series offers a small chassis, technologically advanced electronics, a variety of mast options, and hydraulic rack and pinion power steering. Although this lift truck features compact simplicity, the MX is the ‘Power House’ of the Mariotti line with a 48V power source and a lifting capacity of up to 3,000 lbs.

The MX Series of forklifts, come with standard, duplex, and triple mast options with a lifting height up to 243″. Standard features include: power steering, regenerative braking, integrated side shift, adjustable steering wheel, amber strobe light, back-up alarm, emergency disconnect, and more!

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