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The Toyota Mid Electric Forklift is an ideal four-wheel electric forklift solution for most indoor applications. With a compact model available, the Mid Electric Forklift is capable of moving most any standard load while maintaining the ability to fully operate in spaces as small as 11 feet wide.


Model Capacity* Max Travel Speed Max Lift Speed Max Gradeability
8FBCU20-COMP 4,000 lbs. 9.9 (36V), 11.5 (48V) 67 (36V), 89 (48V) 25%
8FBCU20 4,000 lbs. 9.9 (36V), 11.5 (48V) 67 (36V), 89 (48V) 25%
8FBCU25-COMP 5,000 lbs. 9.6 (36V), 11.5 (48V) 59 (36V), 79 (48V) 21%
8FBCU25 5,000 lbs. 9.6 (36V), 11.5 (48V) 59 (36V), 79 (48V) 21%
8FBCHU25 5,000 lbs. 9.6 (36V), 11.5 (48V) 59 (36V), 79 (48V) 21%
8FBCU28 5,500 lbs. 9.3 (36V), 11.5 (48V) 55 (36V), 73 (48V) 17%
8FBCU30 6,000 lbs. 9.0 (36V), 11.2 (48V) 51 (36V), 69 (48V) 17%
8FBCU32 6,500 lbs. 9.0 (36V), 11.2 (48V) 47 (36V), 65 (48V) 17%

Max speeds/gradeability spec’d at full-load. *Based on 24″ load center.





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T-Matics Vehicle Management System

Vehicle management system that tracks impacts, utilization and maintenance schedules to help optimize your fleet.

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Toyota Integrated Sideshifting Scale

The system allows operators to easily and quickly capture Legal-for-Trade weight data en route, without extra steps.

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Cascade Sideshifter w/Bronze Bushing

Standard Cascade sideshifter is supplied with upper and lower bushings made of bronze for extended wear.


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Mini-Lever Controls with Ergoshift

Features a three-way adjustable armrest to enhance operator comfort and productivity.

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Steering Wheel Knob

Steering wheel is equipped with an assist knob for convenient operator maneuvering of forklift.


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EZ Pedal

Quickly and easily change travel direction without removing hands from wheel or controls.

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Allows the operator to view all pertinent information that relates to the truck and its functions.


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