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Why a Loading Dock Light in a Bollard?

The BeLight, from Jamas Enterprises, is a dock light in a bollard that provides increased safety and lighting when loading and unloading.  The heavy gauge steel construction is the perfect solution to avoid replacing dock lights, fixtures, and bulbs – as well as damage to bay doors, trailers, and merchandise. 

The high-intensity 1250 lumen LED bulbs reach even the back recesses of 53’ containers for better visibility.  A built-in camera detects when a dock door is opened or closed creating an automated “on/off” switch – reducing electricity and increasing bulb life. 

With installation options for a cored in bollard, a base plate, or as a cap for an existing bollard, your organization can quickly experience the safety and cost savings the BeLight provides.

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A Loading Dock Light That Makes Sense

Reduced Maintenance Cost

No more broken bulbs or mangled swing-arms from forklifts running into dock lights.

Increased Efficiency

Not having to move a dock light swing arm means more time spent moving product.

Reduced Product Breakage

Greater visibility means less product is damaged when loading / unloading.

Greater Visibility

The BeLight penetrates into the dark recesses of 53′ trailers.

Reduced Dock Damage

Protect dock bay doors and structural components with heavy gauge steel bollards.

Increased Safety

Protect your loading docks, personnel, and merchandise with the BeLight.

Loading Dock Light Features that Save Money

Auto On/Off Detection

• BeLight utilizes a photo eye in the capsule, the light is only on when the dock door is open
• Also available with a manual switch
• Remains fixed at your optimized setting (Only requires positioning once, at installation)

Saves Space

• Eliminates the swing arm from collapsing the door track unlike conventional dock lights
• Removes the obstruction in the door opening that conventional dock lights create

Adaptable to Your Work Conditions

• BeLight adapts to any dock condition
• Available for left hand and right hand applications

Installation Versatility

• Cored in
• Base plate bolted to floor
• Off set on an existing bollard

Unique and Solid Design

• Sleek, monolithic design with heavy gauge steel
• A patented dock light which is nearly indestructible

Extra Protection

• The bollard protects the dock light, as well as the door track
• Greatly reduces maintenance costs related to damaged dock lights

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