ePicker Electric Walkie Straddle Stacker ES15-128

The ePicker Electric Walkie Straddle Stacker ES15-128 are types of equipment you can use to move or lift pallets, the ePicker Walkie Straddle Stackers deliver the most capability per dollar.  Available in capacity 3000 pounds

  • 3,000lb Lifting Capacity
  • Lift cylinder with hard chrome for smooth lifting and lowering
  • Electro-magnetic disc brakes for reliable stopping power
  • Curtis travel control for smooth stepless travel
  • 24-Volt permanent magnet DC drive motor with rare earth neodymium magnets for efficiency.
  • Offset steering arm for excellent line of sight and efficient stacking
  • Ergonomic operator handle with travel, lift, and lower functions
  • Accessible operator controls, designed for easy operation
  • Adjustable forks and straddle legs for versatile pallet handling
  • Fully enclosed wheel guard and flush mounted axles for protection
  • Mast variations for different models, each ensuring smooth lift/lower operation
  • Removable one piece power head cover for easy maintenance

The ePicker Electric Straddle Stacker ES15-128 can lift pallets as high as 177 inches while operating adjust half a cost of a comparable sit-down forklift.  The ePicker straddle stackers weigh just half of what they can lift, reducing both wear and tear on components and danger to personnel in the area of operation.  

Whether you need one versatile lift truck or need to supplement an existing fleet, pound for pound the ePicker Walkie Straddle Stacker offers exceptional value.  Walk and get the job done for less with an ePicker Walkie Straddle Stacker.



Lift cylinder is hard chrome and provides smooth lifting and lowering. Pump unit includes premium 3kw solenoid fired DC motor and reservoir.


24-Volt 1.3kw AC drive motor delivers high torque and efficiency to extend duty cycle.


24-Volt ZAPI AC travel control provides high performance throughout the entire speed range. Travel speed remains constant relative to throttle position regardless of load. Separately fused power control circuits, quick disconnect EPD power cut off, and control head mounted hour meter / battery discharge indicator combination gauge complete the system.


Electro-mechanical brakes.



Offset steer arm provides excellent line of sight for operators and allows them to easily walk astride the vehicle during travel. The off set design also allows the vehicle to comfortably right angle stack standard pallets in aisles under seven feet.

Travel, lift, and lower functions are located in the ergonomic operator handle. All operator controls are accessible without having to lift the hand from the handle.

Angle grips are designed to allow easy operation with either hand. Wrap around guard, reversing switch, thumb control, and horn are standard. Low mounted steer arm offers excellent operator comfort

and minimum steering effort.


Heavy duty welded steel chassis and I-beam channel mast for added durability and service life. Class Il ITA 16” x 32″ adjustable carriage comes standard with 42” x 4” x 1.5” forks and 36″ load back rest.

Telescoping mast includes a plexiglass mast guard and provides a 128″ maximum fork elevation with a single cylinder. When collapsed the mast is a height of 83.8″.

4″ wide adjustable straddle legs allows for configurations to fit various sized pallets. Straddle leg inside dimension (ID) can be set at 42” to 50” in 4” increments.

Unit features tandem load wheels with fully enclosed wheel guards and flush mounted axles prevent wheel and axle damage.


Removable two piece power head cover allows for easy maintenance and access to all vehicle components.

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