ePicker Forklift EFLX18

The ePIcker EFLX18 is our smallest Lithium-Ion forklift model.  A fully-integrated power source enables the EFLX18 to run virtually non-stop in most operations.

  • 3,700lb Lifting Capacity
  • Operator Compartment is spaciously designed for integrated lithium battery
  • Ergonomic controls for lift, lower, tilt, and sideshift within easy reach
  • Excellent visibility through wide view mast
  • Comfortable working position with power steering, adjustable column, and suspension seat
  • LCD programmable display communicates travel speed, battery status, hours, and faults
  • Three-function lift, tilt, and sideshift as standard
  • Optional 4th valve available for two-function attachments
  • 80v AC controller for efficiency and extended service life
  • Battery management system enhances lithium battery lifespan

The ePicker Forklift EFLX-18 Lithium-Ion powered forklift truck offers a larger, more comfortable operator’s compartment than traditional electric forklifts. The simplified panel features a new LCD display that clearly shows speed, working hours, battery status, milage and parking status so the operator can easily grasp the truck conditions just with a glance.

Thanks to the lithium technology, fast charge times, clean power and a low operating cost, the EFLX18 is poised to make traditional forklift trucks a thing of the past and revolutionize operations across a broad number of industries that power the supply chain.


Operator Compartment

Operator compartment is exceptionally spacious due to purpose-built design for an integrated lithium battery. Ergonomic controls are provided for lift, lower, tilt and sideshift, which are within easy reach of the operator. Visibility is excellent through the wide view mast. Power steering with assist knob, adjustable steering column & adjustable suspension seat ensures comfortable working position and reduced fatigue during operation. Large mirror and overhead guard mounted hand rail aids operator when driving the in the reverse direction of travel. LCD programmable display communicates travel speed, battery discharge information, hour meter, and fault codes.


Hydraulic lift and drive components are sealed against dirt and water protecting them from contamination. Optional 4th valve, with control and hosing is available to support two function attachments.


Electromagnetic disc brakes.


48v AC controller technology delivers high efficiency and performance while significantly reducing maintenance cost and extending vehicle service life.

Vehicle features weather resistant components and construction to facilitate limited use in outdoor environments.

Battery management system monitors lithium battery performance during operation and charging to help extend battery service life up far longer than traditional lead acid industrial batteries.

Drive Unit & Brakes

AC Drive motor delivers smooth torque and speed performance matched to vehicle needs in real-time for peak efficiency and performance. Regenerative neutral braking extends duty-cycle. Vehicle’s electromagnetic brakes and lever actuated parking brake ensure effective stopping power during operation and when on rated grades.

Frame & Mast

Heavy duty steel chassis features long wheel-base, wide tires and low center of gravity for stable operation. Wide view mast includes an integral side-shift and load back rest (LBR). High seating position gives the operator an excellent view for efficient load handling at ground level and elevation. Integral sideshift as standard equipment. Triple stage wide view masts deliver maximum lift heights of up to 197”.


On-board programmable LCD display allows for troubleshooting and system adjustments without need of tools. Units come pre-wired for optional telematics system that includes cloud based maintenance monitoring, GPS tracking and related data services.

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