Hancha Narrow Aisle Reach Truck

Hangcha Narrow Aisle Reach Truck

The Hangcha Narrow Aisle Reach Truck features a high lift, large load capacity, pantograph, and a small turning radius. Using its advanced performance and technology, the reach truck adds to the efficiency of operations while maintaining reliability and a high level of safety. The X Series Narrow Aisle Reach Truck is the ideal tool for materials handling in warehouses, supermarkets, and workshops.
  • 3,000-4,500lb Lifting Capacity
  • Brushless AC Motor
  • Electronic Parking Brake
  • Rengenerative Braking System
  • High-Power Pump Motor and Silent Gear Pump 
  • Multi-Function Instrument Cluster
  • 198″ Full Free Lift 3 Stage Mast
  • Multi-Task Control Handle
  • Tilting Forks

The Hangcha Narrow Aisle Reach Truck is suitable for operations in narrow aisles and limited spaces. This truck features a high lift, large load capacity, pantograph, and a small turning radius. 


  • The truck can operate in narrow aisles thanks to its small turning radius. 
  • Both a high-power pump motor and a silent gear pump (CONCENTRIC) are used to improve the lifting speed, lowering speed, and its operating efficiency. 
  • With several power modes, the truck can adapt to different operating conditions.
  • The regenerative braking system provides an increase in the truck’s operating time.


  • The brushless AC motor is maintenance-free. This saves the end-user time and money.
  • The maintenance hatch opens wide enough to enable easy repair, maintenance, and tuning of the equipment.
  • The battery is designed to be removed from the side of the truck for easy repair and maintenance.
  • The controller and electrical components are placed together in the chassis and are highly integrated.

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