Hungcha Walkie Pallet Jack

Hangcha Walkie Pallet Jack

The Hangcha Walkie Pallet Truck offers high performance and low maintenance costs. 

  • 4,500 lb. Load Capacity
  • Brushless AC Traction Motor
  • CURTIS Control System
  • Regenerative Braking System
  • Convienently placed battery with built-in charger
  • 24 Volt Electrical System
  • CANBUS Communication
  • Multi-Function Meter
  • Battery Disconnect Handle

The Hangcha Walkie Pallet Jack is a new logistics handling device developed by Hangcha Group for the high-intensity operating conditions of the North American market. This walkie pallet jack with a 4,500lb load capacity is an ideal tool
for loading, unloading, and handling palletized goods in warehouses,
supermarkets, and workshops.


  • When in turtle mode, the truck can be driven slow easily, and more accurately.
  • The pallet truck’s design is optimized for great visibility and easy operation in narrow aisle applications.
  • The compact design of the straddle stacker and large rounded corners make the truck suitable for operation in narrow operational spaces.


  • The maintenance-free, high-power, brushless AC traction motor has excellent acceleration, performance, good climbing ability, and low heat generation.
  • The CURTIS control system provides accurate, stable, and more efficient control of the AC traction motor.
  • The CANBUS structure makes the communication between the different parts of the truck faster and more reliable.
  • The truck uses the regenerative braking system to prevent the pallet truck from sliding down a ramp.
  • The switches, controller, connectors, and battery plug are all parts from industry-known suppliers to ensure reliability, performance, and ease of service.


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