BeLIght Dock Light in a Bollard

Why a Loading Dock Light in a Bollard?

The BeLight, from Jamas Enterprises, is a dock light in a bollard that provides increased safety and lighting when loading and unloading.  The heavy gauge steel construction is the perfect solution to avoid replacing dock lights, fixtures, and bulbs – as well as damage to bay doors, trailers, and merchandise. 

The high-intensity 1250 lumen LED bulbs reach even the back recesses of 53’ containers for better visibility.  A built-in camera detects when a dock door is opened or closed creating an automated “on/off” switch – reducing electricity and increasing bulb life. 

With installation options for a cored in bollard, a base plate, or as a cap for an existing bollard, your organization can quickly experience the safety and cost savings the BeLight provides.

A Loading Dock Light That Makes Sense

  • No more broken bulbs or mangled swing-arms from forklifts running into dock lights.
  • Not having to move a dock light swing arm means more time spent moving product.
  • Greater visibility means less product is damaged when loading / unloading.
  • The BeLight penetrates into the dark recesses of 53′ trailers.
  • Reduced Dock Damage
  • Protect dock bay doors and structural components with heavy gauge steel bollards.
  • Protect your loading docks, personnel, and merchandise with the BeLight.
  • Loading Dock Light Features that Save Money


  • BeLight utilizes a photo eye in the capsule, the light is only on when the dock door is open
  • Also available with a manual switch
  • Remains fixed at your optimized setting (Only requires positioning once, at installation)

Saves Space

  • Eliminates the swing arm from collapsing the door track unlike conventional dock lights
  • Removes the obstruction in the door opening that conventional dock lights create

Adaptable to Your Work Conditions

  • BeLight adapts to any dock condition
  • Available for left hand and right hand applications

Installation Versatility

  • Cored in
  • Base plate bolted to floor
  • Off set on an existing bollard

Unique and Solid Design

  • Sleek, monolithic design with heavy gauge steel
  • A patented dock light which is nearly indestructible

Extra Protection

  • The bollard protects the dock light, as well as the door track
  • Greatly reduces maintenance costs related to damaged dock lights

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